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Phoenicia Centre, Shop No. 6

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Sanabil Crafts Furniture  furniture company in Adliya.



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Best Furniture Merchant in Bahrain
The quality at Sanabil Crafts is extraordinary. The owner has 32 years experience in the furniture business, and this experience is reflective in the quality of merchandise that they provide. I purchased three beautiful pieces of furniture from them, and they were show-stoppers. The finish and polishing was flawless, and of all the purchases I've made, the purchases I've made at Sanabil have been the one's I felt the best about.

When they came to set up my furniture, they had a team of about 5 people. In moving my furniture in, they accidentally made an extremely small nick in the entertainment stand. I had no idea that there was a nick in it, until they called my attention to it. Had they left, I would have had no idea that there was a they know that I'm packing out in two days. The small issue could have easily been explained by damage incurred during the move. Yet, this is reflective of their professionalism. In a sense, they are obsessive compulsive about their furniture.

I think the reason why more people don't use Sanabil is that the store is not focused on a sales-speech.

They allow their furniture to sell itself, and sometimes this can be construed as not being friendly to the folks off-base. Nothing could be further from the truth. The folks at Sanabil have top quality merchandise. You will pay slightly more (and by slightly more, I would estimate 30 BHD - 50 BHD), but it is well worth it. I'm confident that the pieces I bought from Sanabil will last a life-time.
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